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Working on the engine...

Excitement is abound with the realization of another stage of internet evolution: Web 2.0 is right around the corner or so they say. I can't miss this bandwagon, so I'm finally getting down to business to develop my own little blog application. I'm working on this to try out new things and because I'm too stubborn to use or pay for anyone else's blog app -- hey, I can build it myself.

Maybe I'll get real or maybe I won't. I definitely won't be using Ruby on Rails, not because I'm opposed to it -- it's really the coolest thing since sliced bread -- but because I don't have the time to switch to another a host that supports it and I'm only half way through the book! So, I'll stick to what I know, Coldfusion, it get's the job done!

While I'm building my little blog application, I'm going to explore integrating some AJAX into the mix. I'm planning on using Rico for my JavaScript engine. I have successfully created an Ajaxyfied web page on my own; the data passed back and forth was encapsulated in JavaScript Objects. But, I'm looking for a simpler solution and as always I ran into a snag. Today when I was integrating Rico into my Fusebox 4.1 Framework I ran into a 500 error from the server. What could it be? I'm not sure. So I'll be pulling out what ever is left of my hair tomorrow trying to figure this out, which get's me to my point of this post:

As I develop my little blog application I'm going to track my progress on this blog. I'll purge my thoughts, frustrations, and triumphs. I will also rationalize my critical design decisions -- I'll try. So here I begin, my own little space on the greater web community... And remember: "All blogging is global!"

  • 11.3.2005

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