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Ugh.. It's been Busy

Since I last wrote in life has been a whirlwind. I started a new job at Ideum in the middle of december. Ideum is a cool little company that is based in Corrales, New Mexico -- about 25 minutes away from my house in Albuquerque. In their own words: "We specialize in providing media services to museums, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies." I was drawn to Ideum due to the range and quality of their work. My position is Programmer/Interaction Designer -- though I am also referred to as the Information Architect. So I'll have a myriad of responsibilities, including trying to install and properly configure Ruby on Rails on their dedicated servers -- it's been a bear.

Another cool project we completed a few weeks back, was the creation of our first Yahoo Widget. You can find out more about the widget we built on the Ideum Blog and look for the post I wrote on the Ideum Blog describing how we built the widget. Widgets are pretty neat.

I still have to work on the engine of this blog, so hopefully I'll get to it soon...

  • 1.6.2006

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