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Benevolent Creator

After reading about the Personal DNA personality test on the Information Aesthetics blog, I went and took the test. I found out that I'm "Benevolent Creator". In looking at the results, I wonder if I intentionaly skewed the my answers. How accurate are these tests? Is this who I am? I don't know, but I they did create a cool dna chart for me:

Alina, my wife, took the test and then got frustrated with the interface and after a few epitaphs and declaring "THIS IS STUPID", she closed the window. I thought the interfeace was cool, sliders and all, up to the point where they had you plot yourself on an XY chart. Even though I have seen these used in this contex before (not quite as an form element, but as a means to plot personality traits), I still had to think about how to answer the question; "what does this mean if I move the dot here". Alina, after answering a few of these, just decided it was too much work. Maybe they should have kept using the sliders.

  • 5.8.2006

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