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IDEA 2006 Confernce -- Monday Morning

So here I am at the idea conference, sitting the auditorium amongst all of all of the other design types that have converge in Seattle to ideate. I have all of my trusty designer swage in tow: the company laptop, an IBM (I'm not uber enough to have my own swanky mac book), a copy of Dwell (if you have ever seen the movie heathers, dwell is a tell tale sign of a want to be designer, kind of akin to mineral water), and I even pulled up Allison Arieff's Blog (a NY times blog on design). The flight in was uneventful and the 1.25 bus ride from the airport to downtown reminder me that I'm in a real, maybe not real, but&, city. Breakfast was provided, though no oj -- just coffee, I'll be jittering all day long! I didn't think the hotel had internet access until I saw people in the lounge plucking away. So this morning I tried it out in my room and lo and behold all sorts of wireless available, including the hotel and the SPL which is directly across the street from my room so a tacked on to that signal. So I plan to blog my musing and impression of the experience on attending the conference on this blog throughout the day. I plan to write up a recap of each presentation, major themes, things learned, etc..., on the Clearwired blog. So stay tuned -- things are about to get started.

  • 10.23.2006

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