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iPhone and Jealousy

I finally got my hands on an iPhone. Yes, this is a tactile digital experience. I'm not intending on buying one now, for reasons I outline in this IXDA thread. I do marvel at the design of it, the sleekness of its shape and the slickness of its behavior. The way it enables the conversation between user and digital product is quite cool. I think multi-touch is indeed the next big thing us interaction designers are going to contend with.

But, I would have to say I'm just jealous. Jealous of those who have one and I am most emphatically jealous of those who designed it. I can easily imagine what it was like to design the iPhone: pure giddiness and an ultimate challenge. This device will be the hub of interaction with the digital realm for many people. How cool is that! The iPhone designers in some ways just raised the bar, especially in their attention to detail in the design: read David Malouf's review.

Majority of my work revolves around the web which is beyond fun, but can be at times limiting and rapid. Sometimes I just want to shoot for the stars and work on the ultimate bling and help change the paradigm. As an interaction designer I need to consider the digital world outside the web, something I realized from reading the first 150 pages or so of Moggridge's Designing Interactions. It's high time I think even more about how people are interacting with the digital realm and not just the web. After all, isn't that my purpose as an interaction designer?

  • 7.11.2007

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