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UX Matters Article Published

Today my article on "What Puts the Design in Interaction Design", has been published on UX Matters. The article is the synthesis of two thoughts: the language of behavior and my continual quest to understand this thing called design. The language of behavior stems from my presentation at the IA Summit on ION and the Living Design Document and subsequent inspiration from the conference, specifically what is the language of behavior especially as it relates to interaction design. Sometime after the conference I had started to read the Synthesis of Form by Christopher Alexander. The book was like a rosetta stone, exposing the purpose of design in a language I could understand. With these thoughts buzzing in my head, I began to wonder what puts the design in interaction design, which became the theme for my exploration. Before I ramble on too long, just go read the article and please comment on the UX Matters site if you have any thoughts to share.

  • 7.11.2007

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