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Touch Screen Envy

I gave my wife a Magellan Maestro 3225 GPS unit for Christmas. It was a serendipitous gift, in that I bumped into it at COSTCO not expecting to get her a GPS. The price was right and it the appropriate features. I have used it on one short trip around town and it really works well. The thing I luv is the touchscreen! To begin with entering an address is easy. The unit disables characters on the touchscreen to eliminate any character choices that are not available in the database for let's say a street name. Also, once the choices become limited it automatically displays them. For instnace when typing in my own street name, I essentially had to type in only three characters "Oso".

I also like the size and shape of the unit. It isn't distracting when attached to the windshield. One comment I do have is that the menu buttons and zoom buttons on the touch screen, while viewing the map could be a bit more transparent or located elsewhere on the interface. They are a bit disruptive. I wonder if they could have a roll-over state of sorts or be hidden.

So playing with the touch screen has led me to realize that my life is incomplete without an iPhone. My jealousy was confirmed when my friend Dan was showing his of at our tree trimming party last week. Actually my jealousy has turned into an obsessive I need to have it rage. Or at the very least some sort of smart phone. I need to see when my Allhell contract is up before proceeding.

I'm looking forward to see how the GPS works on a longer trip. I get to take when I head up to Telluride for a few days of skiing with my friends from the old country (long island)!

  • 12.28.2007

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