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Things Change

Life has been quite turbulent lately. Last week I found out that I was being laid off. It was disappointing because I had poured a lot of energy into my job and into developing the design practice there. I fully understand the circumstances that led to the cuts and I appreciate the opportunities my former employer gave me over the last two and half years.

In times like this there is a tendency to be overtly introspective. And you then have to grasp onto something to look forward into the future. For me I start digging deeper into the bobbie d canon to find something to pick me up. In the movie Masked and Anonymous, dylan rambled, "things fall apart, especially all the neat order of rules and laws, the way we look at the world is the way we really are." And then I remember the eternal optimism my grandmother instilled upon to me and my siblings and cousins with the words she wrote, "With hope anything can happen." It's this optimism that drives my craft and empathetic outlook. In these times, we should look towards the future to envision not how things are but what they can be.

I am excited by my future prospects and opportunities. Especially my acceptance to the Board of IxDA. I can't wait to dig in and help lead this great organization into the future. More on this to come.

  • 11.25.2008

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