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Macro/Micro Experiences

Recently I was asked, "Who was doing it well?" I interpreted this as which companies/design firms produce/design products that enable great experiences. So I mentioned the old standby to a question like this, iPhone. Of course the iPhone enables a great experience, but as I started thinking about this after my conversation had ended, I realized that my assumption and pure focus on just the end product was completely off-base. I had been thinking about the part rather than the whole. I didn't immediately think about marco-experiences and micro-experiences.

Macro-experiences encompasses numerous touch points or to put it another way multiple products or services that make up one experience. Whereas a micro-experience is purely focussed on the experience of a single touchpoint or product of the macro-experience. For example the combination of the iPod and iTunes makes up a macro-experience. Using an iPod to play back music is a micro-experience.

So who is doing it well? Not to dig deep, the obvious macro examples are iTunes/iPod, Nike+ and the iPhone as a platform (app store). At a micro level its hard to beat the iPhone. I was going to digress further, but ultimately I think those who are doing it well find a way to perpetuate a conversation with their customers at a macro level and at the same time offer exceptional micro-experiences.

  • 3.5.2009

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