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New iPod Shuffle -- Click Away

Apple came out with their next gen iPod Shuffle today. I'm a huge shuffle fan and I use it as my main portable music device where ever I go. It's a perfect compliment to my addiction for CDs. The size of the previous generation shuffle is perfect, not even noticeable an Apple made the new shuffle even smaller. It appears to be no bigger than a memory stick and it's lacking the volume, play, back, forward buttons, which are now handled by a single button on the headphones. Click once to play; click twice to go forward, click three time to go back. Too cool and too simple. There's a plus and minus button for the volume on the headphones as well.

The thing I like about Apple is that they keep reducing and reducing till they get at the heart of the interaction for the context of use. I use the shuffle when I'm on the go, and I typically don't fiddle with it it much, so for my context of use this sounds great. I will have to goto the Apple store to play with the new shuffle.

  • 3.11.2009

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